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Go from a precarious income to an income of $6,500 or more per month, on a recurring and stable basis, in 120 days, while maintaining a great quality of life.

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The Happy Beauty Business training program has allowed me to increase my income tremendously by working fewer hours!
My self-confidence has increased, which has allowed me to understand my value and to take a stand in my business!
I now spend a lot of quality time with my children. So, this method has changed my professional life but also my personal life! So much so… that when Anne offered me the opportunity to join her work team, I couldn’t refuse!

My self-confidence has increased

Here is my experience with Anne and the Happy beauty business
Method, which has completely changed the perspective of my future!
First, I would like to share with you that I love challenges that allow me to continually grow!
My business was doing well, I was already making $6500/month, but I wanted to make more income and especially reduce my working hours! With this method, I doubled my income in less than 2 months, and I learned to understand my value as a professional! I no longer want to define success by the many hours I work. Today, I feel valued in terms of profitability and in doing the right things in my business structure!
I believe I am in great control and I am having fun! Two years after completing Anne’s method, I have reached 20k in revenue per month, working 35 hours per week!
I keep evolving and clearing the false beliefs of the industry… There’s no stopping me now!

I have reached 20k in revenue per month, working 35 hours per week!

I started Happy Beauty Business with very little income and clientele. I had a ton of professional training in hand, I thought I knew how to get more clients, but that was where I fell short. I invested a lot of money in technical training and forgot to train myself in marketing and customer attraction.I discovered the method Anne had created, after years of fortune in our industry! I chose her coaching just in time… I was about to switch jobs!
As a mother of 4 children, I had to find a way to increase the quality of life for my family! I jumped into this adventure in 2019 and wowww!!! I will be forever grateful….
I went from making $2000-4000 monthly to making $20,000 monthly after expenses….
I now work at most 30 hours a week! I even developed a new passion for investing in real estate with my husband. This method has changed our lives forever!

I went from making $2000-4000 monthly to making $20,000 monthly after expenses....

Training platform - Business propulsion