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My story: From Ground zero to a successful entrepreneur in 3 months

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Hello! Let me introduce myself; my name is Anne St-Amand.

Born in the late '70s, I can confirm that in the early '80s, I was already a businesswoman!

I inherited the genes from my grandfather, who was an incredible businessman! Through the good and the bad times, he always saw the positive side of things, and was always ready to take risks, (calculated or not ) to provide for his family. He was an amazingly creative worker!

In 2000, I finished my studies in aesthetics. Only a few months after graduation, I opened my first salon. There was no way I was going to be taken advantage of in the job market! Already at a young age, my opinion was very "black or white.” And above all, I had a vision of the profession and the business world that was so different from what I had been taught at school...

After 3 months of opening, I was already super profitable! I gave myself the gift of changing my old car for a nice new one. I had the wind in my sails. And without knowing it, I had just started the creation of the Plan!

A decade later, I opened a larger salon. That's when I started getting my tiger stripes. Long live multi-disciplinary work! Hairstyling, esthetics and massage therapy were all offered in my salon! I thought it would be easy to attract more people... No! We now had to attract customers for several different types of professions...

It was an experience in which I learned a lot. The "GAME" was more "HARD.” I had more responsibility. It was during this period that I refined a lot of my sales techniques, as well as my marketing and advertising strategies. The need for profitability was totally taken to another level...

After a few years, I got tired of the managerial challenges. I missed being 100% in my practice, and the flexibility and lightness that a self-employed status brings. And most of all, the fact that I could make an income without limits, having the possibility to focus all my energies on the right place. Focus is so precious!

So I downsized. I made the choice to focus on myself and the clientele that I loved so much. I applied my best work techniques to my clients, and I pushed the limits of what it meant to have a micro-business.

Why do I emphasize the word micro? Because from my point of view, there is nothing more powerful than a micro-business or a solo worker who builds on a solid and strategic foundation. Clarity, a clear mission and a work methodology are the keys to success and happiness!

This is my vision of the business world: SMALL IS BIG!  Small means great things will happen.!

Now you know my secret recipe for success!

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Annne St-Amand - À la plage en avant d'une planche de surf

A father in human resources and a mother in community service...

The first surfing trip... That adventure that forced me to convert part of my income online... And 6 years of social media experience took shape...

Annne St-Amand - À la plage

The event that changed my career... The day I decided to convert 100% of my income online...

The light at the end of the tunnel...

My boyfriend took me on a trip to the Gaspé Peninsula (where I was born). We collected shells and polished glass. I started to make jewelry... I created my collection of jewelry Child of the Earth.

I sold my jewelry so quickly! I found myself a victim of my marketing, which was impeccably executed... I loved making jewelry as a hobby, but not to make it 24/7 lol....

And it was there, one evening of "I had one too many glasses of wine,” that I exclaimed to my boyfriend who I love so much: "HEYYYYY!!!!!! I am a solid business machine... I MUST TEACH THAT TO THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!.” My boyfriend replied: "You're so beautiful when you're glowing like that!

A few days later, I hired the best teacher, with the best program, to accompany me in the development of what would become the Happy Beauty Business Community! It’s a training platform to teach people marketing methods that are too often explained in such complicated and convoluted ways...

I wanted to teach the basics of successful entrepreneurship in a way that is accessible to anyone.

So this is my journey. This is what led me to want to help people develop to their full potential.

Our economy has been changing rapidly over the past few years, and I am fortunate to have a good understanding of how to navigate the waters. Many talented entrepreneurs are suffering financially. I hate that!

I have chosen to give my keys to success to the world. I have chosen to leave my mark on the world of entrepreneurship!

I am Anne St-Amand,
Proud Founder of The Blueprint and The Happy Beauty Business Community

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